Singaporean girl in Taiyo Bokujo!

I am Kat from Singapore! I WWOOFed at Taiyo Bokujo from 27 November til 11 December 2012 and it has been an incredible experience to see the cows and the amazing snow!
Here are some of the pictures of my journey here!

Making Milk Jam! It takes a long time to reduce the mixture to jam.

And I learned how to cook here at Taiyo Bokujo

Here are the people I’ve met at Taiyo Bokujo! Kirk and Tina from Australia and Kan-san from Taiwan!

Thank you Katsu-san and Cinnamon for making me feel so welcomed in Taiyo Bokujo! I am definitely looking forward to coming back in summer, where there is no snow and plenty of sun to play around :D See you soon!


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