This is Kay from Hong Kong. Taiyobokujo is the first time for my woofing in Japan. Every thing is new for me. It is really happy to have a such great experience here. Delicious milk jam and milk every morning, Katsu san cooking is really good also. I think I get fatter after 3 weeks of stay!

The cattle here is really cute and beautiful, the view is just amazing with the mountain, grass, blue sky and the cattle.

Many twinkle stars is another amazing thing here, katsu san even show us the shape of the star, he is a star expert for me,haha!

いらっしゃいませ! We got the chance to join the event of selling milk jam and milk jam tasting.It is really funny even though I do not understand Japanese very well. The place is just near the lavender field, what a beautiful view

The last day I stayed in Taiyobokujo, we have the barbeque and firework party, we just like kids, wawawa!

Katsu san, take care and please go back to your room for sleeping, haha! See you soon again in Hong Kong.


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