Happy New Year 2011

New Year is very important in Japan.It is such a big day for them!
Lucky I had the chance to share the big day with Kat san and his family!What a honor!
At the end of 2010,we decorated the house and cooked a lot for the dinner.It is quite similar to China,cooking lots of food,decorating the house with flowers and worshiping the god are the things that we do too!
See!How hard-working we were!

Kat san’s grand daughter came yesterday!Such a cutie girl!

We had a lot of food for dinner!We just could not finish them…!So delicious!Yummy!I would love to spend another new year with Kat san!haha

Here comes to 2011!Happy New Year to everyone!
We worked as usual,but we all were excited about the day!Brand new start!
Although today was a bit windy and snowed a bit,it was still a good start of 2011!

Even the cows were excited too!It seemed that they knew this was the very first day of 2011!

After we had dinner,it was time for us to try the traditional clothes:KIMONO!!!
SO excited!The kimono that i wore belongs to Kat san’s wife!beautiful!This was the very first time i wore kimono!
As one cannot wear kimono by herself,Kat san helped me and Aska to wear.

Finally,we all could successfully wear kimono to celebrate the New Year!haha

Thanks for the day again!
How come there are so many things to try and make me excited in Japan,in Hokkaido,most important,in Kat san’s house!!!!!!!!
Again,wish you all the best with love!


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