月別アーカイブ: 2013年7月

Brand new experience of daily farm (2013.7.14 – 2013.7.28)

This is my 4th WWOOFer’s life in Japan. Although I worked in daily farm in Noto before, Taiyobokujo provided me a brand new experience !!!

Undoubtedly, the work here is hard (long working hours + unstable working hours and content + need to prepare for the meals). In the day of making milk jam, 1am to go to sleep is a must … However, there were lots of fun as a WWOOFer here I believed.

\nFirst, I learned lots of knowledge about cow and skills working for cow. Thanks for Katsu San keep patient of teaching me so much !!! Even though some of the tasks was similar to Noto’s host, I had more time to face with the cow. I really like grazing (but field No.6 is really far away …), feeding the baby cow and riding on them. ^&^

Second, I enjoyed so much about preparing meals with other WWOOFers actually. It was full of fun and was a new experience for me! In fact, I did not know how to cook and have never cooked before, however, after these two weeks “training”, I think I could cook the basic meals already ^0^

In the holiday, I tried to ride a bicycle to 滝上公園. This was the 3rd time to ride bicycle in my life only. I was super worried before, especially that I knew I needed to ride on the road. I did not imagined that I could ride over 30km … and I did it finally ! It was a wonderful moment to enjoy the beautiful views during the process ! However, I lost my way totally and Katsu San was worried about me and thus drove around to find me. Finally, he took up the one using Google map to confirm his location at night. It was really a touching moment for me !!!

The most impressed me in these two weeks was the night of mother cow gave birth. In fact, I was full of fantasy about daily farm because of the Japanese drama “牛に願いを Love&Farm”. It is one of the reasons why I chose this farm. Luckily, I met the period of the mother cow gave birth. However, I missed the process (I only saw the baby cow sat on the floor when I arrived). The only thing I saw was Katsu San separated the mother cow and her baby strongly without any empathy. I was stocked about it. Even though Katsu San told me the reason of doing that, I still felt uncomfortable of it. It was too cruel.

Katsu is a nice and funny people. He not only can sleep everytime and everywhere, but also checks and updated the facebook often. Besides, he always played a joke on my poor English … 0_o But I think it is the reason why he was still full of energy !

It is a pity that I could not chat with Katsu directly often as my Japanese is not so good. Luckily, other WWOOFers helps to translate and let me have a better understanding of him and the daily farm. But actually, I found that Katsu’s English is OK ^^

I do believe that working at Taiyobokujo is a new, special and unique experience for me ! It not only provided me a chance to experience the work of daily farm, but also let me experience the lives in Japan. Thanks again to Katsu San to create so much wonderful experience for me (apart from the above mentioned, there were hot spring, Lavender and hanabi …) I will not forget the memories here and also the delicious milk jam too !!! Looking forward to meeting Katsu again in Hong Kong later, and I will help you to take more “CHOK” photo !!! ^0^
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ANTHONY from Hong Kong


This is Kay from Hong Kong. Taiyobokujo is the first time for my woofing in Japan. Every thing is new for me. It is really happy to have a such great experience here. Delicious milk jam and milk every morning, Katsu san cooking is really good also. I think I get fatter after 3 weeks of stay!

The cattle here is really cute and beautiful, the view is just amazing with the mountain, grass, blue sky and the cattle.

Many twinkle stars is another amazing thing here, katsu san even show us the shape of the star, he is a star expert for me,haha!

いらっしゃいませ! We got the chance to join the event of selling milk jam and milk jam tasting.It is really funny even though I do not understand Japanese very well. The place is just near the lavender field, what a beautiful view

The last day I stayed in Taiyobokujo, we have the barbeque and firework party, we just like kids, wawawa!

Katsu san, take care and please go back to your room for sleeping, haha! See you soon again in Hong Kong.





牛を追うことと牛を搾ること。仕事を始めた日、雨が降ってて、牛を追ってた時に土が泥(とウンチ)だらけで歩きにくかった。狭い道のせいで、牛に押されて、ちょっとビビってた。牛を搾る時も、餌もなかなかうまくやれなくて、牛にぶつかれて何度か餌を床にこぼしちゃった。しかも、一日に何度も牛を搾ったり追ったり餌や草をやったりするなんて、その時、勝さんの仕事は本当に大変だなぁと思ってた。でも、2か3日が経ったら、私も何となく慣れてきて、毎日の仕事を楽しめるようになった。そして餌をやるのも少しだけでもうまくなったと思う。牛にもバックさせることが時々成功したら、嬉しかった。^ ^ 牛について本当に色々勉強になった。勝さんが疲れても毎日わざわざ牛を外に何回も追うわけもわかるようになって、偉いと思うよ。お陰で13年間も生きて来た牛がいるのね。ちなみに、牛の搾りのためか、毎朝起きる時に右手の四つ目の指キュッとするの (筋肉の固まりで)。今までもね!でも、全然平気!丈夫な指になる、ハハ・・

花火したこと。寒くて真っ暗の夜にBBQしたこと。日本のドラマでいつも人々が花火をするのを見て、シンガポールでは禁止されてるし全然売れてないから、ずっとやりたかったの。私達に買ってくれて、本当にありがとう!生活にいつも節約している勝さんが、花火だけじゃなく、温泉にも連れてくれたりして (25歳の私にスパーボールも買わせてくれた、ハハ・・)、感動でとても感謝している。

料理したこと。いや、色々実験できて、本当に楽しかったよ!フランスに一年間住んだことがあるけど、一人暮らしだったので多くの調味料が買えなくて、こんなに色々を作ることができなかった。勝さんにシンガポール料理を食べさせたかったため、大分の料理は初めて作ったものだ。お口に会いましたか?^ ^皆で一緒に料理したり、テレビを見ながら (アワ、アワ、泥アワワ!!♪) 食べたり喋ったりした時は私にとってシンプルな幸せだった。なぜなら、シンガポールで家族の皆はいつも別々な時間に家に帰るし、テーブルは二人しか座らせないし、こう言う家族の大切な時間があんまりなかった。シンガポールに帰ったら、きっと寂しく思うだろうね。

勝さん、色々有難うございました!勝さんはこれから本当にリタイアして牧場を辞めるのかな?そして毎年に一つの国に旅するとか?^ ^まあ、お体が何よりも大切だから、大事にして下さいね。遅くシャワーするか遅く寝ると、肩が固まるから、ちゃんと部屋に入ってお休みなさいね!香港へ行く久しぶりのお休みも楽しんできてね!チャンスがあれば、是非シンガポールにも来て。つまらない都市だけど、美味しい食べ物がたくさんあるから、全部を食べに連れてあげるよ~^ ^

では、ずっと元気でいてくださいね!^ ^ 私は、またいつか戻りたいです!!

★☆★じゃあね!★☆★ (シナモンも元気でね!)