Work…and 3days left

毎日の仕事が慣れたが though the work becomes more natural by the day, it is important to stay focused on the job. You never know if a cow walks in unexpectedly, cows may suddenly kick, or slab you with their (dirty) tails. This means missing out being outside when the weather is beautiful, but sometimes the sun comes in and helps with the job. Only three more days to go for Amy and myself. How fast has time gone. I will miss the work, the cooking, brushing the cows, and just beiing here. And of course the tremendous energy of Kataokasan.

剛來到這時總是會有擠不出奶的時候 ,現在的我 ,自認還蠻上手的 ,因為自己的力氣不夠大 ,有些忙幫不上 ,還好片岡樣和水口樣都會及時的伸出援手 ,真的是很窩心的人 ,太陽牧場會是日本之旅中最初也會是最美的回憶 。


我的雪人也隨著日子的流逝而一天天的消瘦了 > <


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