It is not the end,but another start of our journey!:)

Today is the last day staying here. Before I leave,I have already missed this lovely place and one of the world kindest person,Kat san.

I do enjoy the time being with Kat san,his dog and other WWOOFers,Penny and Aska! As Penny said, the experience has been really rewarding and fulfilling! No words can be used to describe the exact experience, feeling and Kat san’s love. You just have to experience by yourself and please ask your friends come together, exploring this amazing place and helping to lower his work load which is very very BIG everyday!I mean it, you just have to come and experience, you will definitely gain much more than you expect!Love for Kat and his cows,a passion for life…are what I have experienced and gained.
Have you ever tried to milk?

Have you ever seen such a lot of cute and big cows?

Have you ever tried to walk with 32 cows?

Have you ever built up such a great bonding with someone that you have known for only 3 weeks?

All of the above,I have tried here with a passion for life and faith as well as the love of Kat san!!:)

Kat san,thanks a lot!I swear i will come back again and bring my friends as well.Take good care and take more rest if possible.
Wish you all the best with my true heart!

Just remember,this is not the end,indeed, another start of our life,our journey!We will meet again,i promise!


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