2 November 2010 – Isogashi Taiyo Bokujo – Message from the Kiwi

I’m Virginia from ニユージーランド. Although we have loads of dairy farms in NZ this is my first time to actually work on one, so big thanks to Katsuson for accepting me at Taiyo Bokujo.
The work has been really fun and interesting. I have been here since the 23rd October and in that time 2 new calves have been born!! They are so cute but surprisingly strong! Particularly when they escape from their little houses and you have to try and catch them!
Another cow was artificially inseminated yesterday and the Vet has come twice to check on 339 legs. For all those worried about 339 – don’t be, she seems to be getting stronger every day now.
Katsuson is げんきい as always. He has shown us how to make jam/ butter/ yogurt/ cottage cheese/ apple sweets and caramel pudding – awesome and とてもおいしい!
I have attached a couple of pictures of the new calves – so cute! And a couple of Katsuson making apple sweets and at the Ice museum

P.S ミント アイスクりーム は いちばん おいしいですね。


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