A Leap of Faith :)

Taiyo Bokujo Dairy Farm

I really enjoyed myself at Taiyo Bokujo Dairy Farm! The experience has been really rewarding and fulfilling. You have to experience it yourself. Come with an open mind! Everyday, we learn new things! What you will experience, you will not be able to learn it in school but you will bring home a part of Monbetsu, the dairy farm and Kataoka san (the kind host) and treasure those memories built during the days. I will miss Kataoka san, his cows, calfs and his dog greatly.
Those that are interested but have your own concern or reservations, take that leap of faith and come share a part of what you have. A passion for life, love for animals, able to converse in Japanese, enjoys cooking, has a big heart and been positive would be useful!
The sun is beckoning, come spend time with the cows, calfs, Kataoka san and his dog! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and what this place has to offer. A hidden gem to be discover and embrace :) . . .

– Need some help here!

– The wanderer on his mini adventure
– Hmm..are you done with the pic taking ;p
– survivor!
– Host is deep in thoughts…

– After a hard day’s of work, food is very important. Glorious food and bonding!


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