Kamichokotsu Golf Tournament 2011

On the 20th of July the biggest park golf event of the year for the Takinoue farmers was held today. Us, the Taiyo Bokujo Team went into the tournament with high expectations of bringing 1st prize back despite not having played the sport before.
How naive we were when we saw countless of senior players hit the ball like a pro.
Kay taking a “Model shot”

chotto kyu-kei ;)
After an hour with competing with the pros, the results were in…..

I got the boogie prize and Amy got 9th
but everyones’ a winner in the end, participation prizes for all!!

All in all it was a fun day and our last day here in Taiyo Bokujo, we hope to comeback someday.
See you later Katsunori-san and your cows :)


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