Sightseeing Marathon

Hello! This is Amy, a woofer from the UK. Today has been another hot day at the farm so much so that the cows didn’t want to leave the barn for a second day running – they preferred to stay indoors under the cool fans and I can understand why.
The morning shift went relatively smoothly – only got a light splattering of cow poo and urine. After morning work was finished Katsunori-san took us on a marathon tour of the area.
First stop: the beach.
We threw a couple of stones, picked some mussels (although much smaller than the ones I’m used to seeing) and attempted to find crabs. Kay found one but unfortunately it was dead and only an inch long.
Katsunori-san stopped off at a combini on our way to the next destination and bought us some ice-cream…so delicious!
Our second stop: the observation tower.
From the tower we could see in all directions of the area. Katsunori-san pointed to direction of Taiyo Bokujo, however, we couldn’t see it clearly because of the mountains.
Our third stop: the sea ice museum.
We into a theatre room to see a projection of the four seasons of Okhotsk and even got to go into a room with a -20C temperature. The photo shows how cold we were!!!
Our final stop: the lavender fields.
I was gutted when I didn’t go to Furano whilst holidaying in Asahikawa so I was really happy to see the lavender fields in Okhotsk. When we pulled into the car park we could smell the wonderful aroma of the lavender. I was hoping there would be lavender ice-cream but unfortunately there wasn’t…the trip was good nonetheless.
After that we headed back to the farm with our bentos and to our afternoon shift. Here’s to another fun-filled day tomorrow!!


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